Our mission is to empower Native American youth through artistic exploration and expression.

We see the creative process as multi-faceted which provides benefits that reach far beyond the individual. By working closely with a community within a Reservation we build relationships and develop partnerships. Together we determine the types of creative outlets that are best suited for their community's youth. 

What we Do

We find community members who have a desire to work closely with the youth in their creative endeavors and they become a Kaga: Create collaborator to provide mentorship, leadership and guidance. We partner with Kaga: Create collaborators to individualize the artistic programming and provide them with the necessary tools such as supplies, networking, and local artisan workshops.

We don't stop there. We will also provide an avenue for Native American youth to share their creative pieces with you through our website and through local exhibitions. Art in any form, in any culture tells a story and has the power to build cultural bridges. Kaga: Create will also help young artists who want to sell their expressive works through our online store. This provides them with the opportunity to build artistic entrepreneurship skills as they learn how to manage and sell their creations.

Kaga: Create is the complete circle of shared creativity. Kaga: Create is based on the idea that children are our future, that art tells a story worth sharing, and when a person is empowered to be creative their lives and the lives around them are enriched


  • Providing the tools which are necessary to creatively express.
  • Providing mentors to facilitate creativity.
  • Creating an environment that promotes increased sense of self.
  • Increasing the social capital among Native Americans living on Reservations.
  • Inspiring others to join in our vision.
  • Increasing awareness of Native American culture, heritage and current events.
  • Building leadership skills among youth.     
  • Providing economic opportunity.
  • Developing artistic entrepreneurship skills.
  • Bridging cultural divides and breaking stereotypes.

We believe the arts are powerful forms of communication and we strive to create and cultivate opportunities to connect people in a way that breaks barriers and opens doors.  

Our mission and vision guides us as we build an art based nonprofit organization which envisions a world that embraces diversity and equality for all.